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Top 5 Destinations For Foodies Around The World

I wrote a post about my favorite places around the world and figured I’d do the same for my favorite destinations for foodies throughout the world. The two are closely mixed since food is such a huge part of traveling and experiencing a culture. However, there are some places where it’s less about

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The Fastest, Simplest Dinners To Cook At Home

My skills in the kitchen are lets just say…almost nonexistent. Although, I love eating, I mean really love eating; I was never passionate about cooking dinner at home. Instead, I relied on my family members, and lately my favorite neighborhood restaurants and local delivery boy. But after a while,

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Social Influencer How To Guide

You’ve probably seen influencers “eating” at the same restaurant as you. They’re either in packs or in couples with a fancy looking camera in tow. They carry a LED to combat the dim lighting of the restaurant. This strange and elusive diner is known as an influencer. I’m mostly kidding because

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PureWoW – 11 Cheap Eats in Boston You Need to Try

My friend worked for VaynerMedia for a long time. So when I heard that they acquired the digital publisher PureWow, I knew I had a foot in the door. FYI, in New York, it'll go a long way if you know someone who can introduce you. So after some quick hellos I pitched them a few travel and food ideas

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8 Chic Must-Eat Restaurants In New York City

I’m always the go-to person my friends ask when they want to take someone out for a must-eat meal in New York, whether it be cheap eats or a more upscale restaurant. New York has the perfect mix of both. It’s a place where you can get six awesome dumplings for $1 or an incredible thirteen course


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Top 5 Destinations Around The World

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My name is Katie Lockhart and I launched Find Your Happy Plate in 2015 to offer adventurous wanderers the best advice for food and travel around the world. Find Your Happy Plate is a place for travel inspiration, food porn and tips on where to find the best of both. Whether you’re looking for luxury of budget, I write and photograph it all. Follow along!