My Top 5 Firsts In Riviera Maya, Mexico

I’ve always been a writer, but the travel writer path has really just started to take off for me this year. When the Barceló Maya Grand Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico asked me to come and write about ...
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The Other South Of France

Not long after landing in the Languedoc capital of Montpellier I was asked, "Do you want to go to the beach?" Being a New Englander, I love nothing more than hot sand and cold water so I said, ...

Top 5 Must-Do’s in St. Petersburg, Russia

When I thought about visiting Russia I expected a drab country blanketed entirely in gray. When our cruise ship docked in St. Petersburg harbor, I’ll be honest I thought my predictions weren’t far ...
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7 Ways To Get Inspired When You’re In A Funk

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a funk lately. Maybe it’s been the rainy weather in New York City or my plans to become a nomad moving too slowly are bringing me down. I’ve had a lull in my ...
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How To Cure Airport Boredom

There is a special place in hell for extensive airport delays and layovers. Throughout my travels I’ve had tons of delays from in climate weather, mechanical issues and some crazy long layovers. The ...
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7 Reasons Why The Galapagos Should Be On Your Bucket List

The Galapagos Islands had always been on my bucket list of exotic places to travel. Of course I figured I’d get there one day when I can save more money. After learning so much about the Islands in ...
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Social Influencer How To Guide

You’ve probably seen influencers “eating” at the same restaurant as you. They’re either in packs or in couples with a fancy looking camera in tow. They carry a LED to combat the dim lighting of the ...

Chiang Mai: A Fairytale Stay

Chiang Mai was the second stop on my Thailand tour and probably my favorite. I’m usually a beach type of girl, but this mountainous little city really stuck with me. Thinking back now, it probably had ...
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The Fastest, Simplest Dinners To Cook At Home

My skills in the kitchen are lets just say…almost nonexistent. Although, I love eating, I mean really love eating; I was never passionate about cooking dinner at home. Instead, I relied on my family ...
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Your Guide To The Galapagos

Deciding on where to spend your few precious weeks of vacation a year is a difficult choice. In my humble opinion forgo the Caribbean resorts, the exhausting European cities and opt for something a ...
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Cruising The Best Of The Galapagos Islands

When I was younger all I knew about the Galapagos Islands was Charles Darwin, his finches and that it seemed like an unattainable destination. When the wheels touched down at volcanic Baltra island, I ...
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Cruise Destinations: The Galapagos & Baltic Sea

I recently wrote a post about the places I want to travel in 2017. This is a post about the places I’m ACTUALLY going to travel this year. As I was writing this post I realized that my trips for this ...
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8 Chic Must-Eat Restaurants In New York City

I’m always the go-to person my friends ask when they want to take someone out for a must-eat meal in New York, whether it be cheap eats or a more upscale restaurant. New York has the perfect mix of ...

Beach Bungalow On a Budget

I returned from a budget trip to the mountains and beaches of Thailand over two months ago but it strangely feels like it didn’t even happen. Like the pineapples full of rice, the ...
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Top Places To Travel In 2017

Lets be honest, if I could I would be constantly traveling 364 days of the year. I've been lucky enough to spend two weeks in Thailand, a few days in Dubai and a week in New Orleans in ...

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